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The Diamond Fairies

Snow falling amidst the background of the sparkling curtain of the night.

Barn owls traverse the glowing moon in a slow and steady flight

while snow disperses puffs of diamond fairies into the

hush of a windy and frigid night.

A twist and turn of the shimmering diamond fairies in flight,

The diamond faries have begun their earthy flight,

with shy tones of laughter, giddiness and sheer delight.

A twist and turn as they descend, shimmering and dancing from the heavens they leave,

performing while in flight, like a ballet of winter's brightest eve,

something which continues to amaze me

even rekindling my passion which was once buried and unseen.

The diamond fairies continue falling and laughing as they softly land on my gloves lined with lace,

then lay absolutely still as they continue to fall gently on my face.

Each unique and glistening flake continues to float down from the heavens as they loft and wave in a dance twirling and looking down with a magical and mesmorizing glance.

The grin of the jealous moon peeks out of the wispy clouds dousing the diamond fairies as they continue to laugh, and twirl and play

only to once again to shine back in brilliance in a most dazzling yet whimsical way.

blowing snow

As the waves of light go from bright to dark, the diamond fairies are transported to other dimensions, as they are twirled farther and farther away into the night...swoosh, swoosh far, far away....swirls of diamond fairies are swooshed far away, as they twirl and laugh and roll within...twirling and tumbling and swooshing away.

The patterns of the diamond fairies are like you and me – no two are alike, enjoying time given in life,

oh so little, yet grand, just like it was meant to be.

Patterns of lines and dots are transformed into glistening, sparkling diamonds – like you and me - no two alike.

so little yet so might – what does the story of the diamond fairy leave for us tonight.

Our challenge in life is how we can harness the power of the diamond fairy to pursue our passion perhaps for now dimmed.

Although they may only be visible for a second as they melt upon your skin,

the follies and beauty of the diamond fairies remain within in your heart, amidst playful, charming grins and spins.

Remember what joy you felt in your heart as you marveled upon the unique beauty of the diamond fairy today;

for in no time will you make known your life's work in your own time and special way.

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