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Sparkling Glints on Ocean Tides

The sparkling glints on ocean tides reflect a moon light's beauty;

to which is the mirror, the ocean or sky?

Perhaps the remnants of a falling star shattered into a million pieces

and slowly blanketed the ocean waves with an iridescent mist of silken glitter;

Perhaps the dust from the winged fowl in flight collects the rays of sunshine that transform into opals softly drifting down and glisten in the light;

Perhaps the spirits guiding our footsteps sprinkled silvery glints along the way, lighting our paths in some magical way;

Perhaps the ocean is our Master's canvas, in which sprinkles of light in all colors, shimmers and shines, continue to inspire our journeys hands and arms entwined.

As we reflect upon the whys and how's of the sparkling glints of the ocean tide,

remember the journey to reach our passion was filled will great strides,

one in which we can look back with gratitude, great joy and humbling pride.


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