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Emerge and Be Free

Your words are like sharred glass slicing my very core;

your words are so cold like frozen embers which continue to glow.

I seek peace in my heart but to no avail

as your words continue to cut deep like the stake of a phantom impale.

Please stop this path of insanity as I cannot bear it no more...

for living like this is like living in war.

You look and you ponder for words to cause more pain

while all the while I'm thinking to get up and run down that dark and lonely lane.

Oh heart so broken, oh heart so torn – I'm living a life, but want to be reborn.

My soul aches and my mind hurts,

I can only think about how not to feel so hopelessly forlorn.

The pain, the guilt, the frozen thoughts continue to blur the shadows of my mind...I'm still hearing those continuous barrages of words dangling like shards of glass inching near my skin already so frail, already so torn.

"Reprieve, reprieve," I cry, but to no avail;

The words continue to drape my soul, like a jagged-edged veil.

The day will somewhat mercifully progress into the night,

however, the words just continue to sputter making me feel affright.

I grasp the covers so close to my heart to try and hide all inside me that continues to smart,

hoping that those words will stop into the night, but alas as I have known, will now restart.

So in desparation I slumber as a product of fear

as I once reminisce about a love I had so dear.

I grasp onto the hope and belief in a new day without pain and fear, even pray for peace and no more wiping away of tears, that those words of hurt and dark will forever remain a memory once drear.

So pick up your heart and say ''no more''.

Step up to the helm while braving a salute, start that motor and begin to steer;

and commence on a journey that will make you rise above, without those words that continue to jeer.

Life is short, my friend, and experiences will glide past you like the changing winds;

so grab hold of experiences like you have never before,

and grab onto those winds which continues to roar,

the winds that you have harnessed to guide your journey will always feel like a calm, gentle breeze,

ones that you know helped to erase your agony, keeping you finally at ease.

So use your the memories fond or not, to mold your future, and eventually all the pain felt in your heart will for once and for all disappear.

Surround yourself with support and love, and all your family and friends so dear,

for you will emerge from all this pain and agony with a heart and mind once again clear.


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