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Why This Website/Blog?

Have you ever felt like you are helplessly navigating a ship caught in a dangerous storm but continued to hang on despite all odds? When was the last time you had the opportunity just to sit peacefully and deeply think about what you really, really want in life? Did you know that surrounding yourself with peace and calmness can unleash creative thoughts and bring you closer to finding and living your passion? These and other questions can be explored in a quick and creative way in just a few simple steps.

My name is Linda Marcuccilli, and welcome to my website/blog, Inspiring learners: Find the Passion Within. Taking the time to check out my website/blog is important for two reasons: 1) to begin to find another way to harness peace of mind, and 2) to begin the journey to find and live your passion. Yes. Harness peace of mind and to find and live your passion. By now you are probably thinking, What, Dr. Linda? I don't even have time to breathe – how can I find time to check out your website? Why should you even bother reading or even looking at the website/blog? Because I understand what you are going through, or will be going through, or have gone through. From being a full-time employee to a full-time student, caring for loved ones, barely having enough money to live, losing hope, your loved ones, your spirit and everything in between, I understand, and so do a lot of other people you know or will come to know as peers, friends and family. But, if you give me just a few more minutes of your time, perhaps I can begin to help you bring back the spark, the passion, the spirit in your life which may have been drained out of you and thrown away amidst everything our experiences have molded us into.

What are your thoughts about this: being able to live your life begins with returning to the simpler times in life we once knew. Return to the times when we were growing up – remember all the times we spent with our friends, laughing together, playing outside, running through the green grass, riding our bikes, making tents out of sheets and pretending we were camping? Remember lying on the grass looking up at the sky? How wonderful that grass felt, how beautiful those puffy clouds were, how amazing that cool breeze felt? There were so many days were we did something creative, something fun, too. Remember the times we started to paint, draw, write and color? All those coloring books we had? We would just spend hours coloring? What about reading or even creating funny cartoons or doing funny things just to make us laugh and just have fun. Remember that excitement and how that made you feel? It felt great, didn't it? But now, life may seem a little more complex – from our work to roles and responsibilities in life, it almost seems impossible to return to simpler times. The simplicity in life may have been replaced with our ongoing roles and responsibilities and chaotic lives, which may fog our minds, or even deprive our lives with what we crave the most. The nature all around us seems almost lifeless as perhaps a silenced passion in our hearts – the peace we felt in our minds and hearts of being outside, being together with friends and family, engaging in creative endeavors has almost seemed to vanish through a tangled web dismantling the ability to harness peace in our minds.

In a world that has sometimes doused our memories of simpler times, my website/blog is a way for you to reconnect with the times of the uninhibited creativity of growing up and the journeys of exploring the earth and all it has to offer. But this time, the memories, thoughts, photography and funny memes are there for you - created with you in mind, cultivated from our many memories of a once simpler time in our lives. The inspirational quotes were created for you to lift your spirit in times of need as you continue to navigate the complexities of life; to help find a balance and regain your sense of peace; or perhaps to rekindle the flame of a passion once lost, or even help you to embark on a new discovery to find your passion. The blogs are an innovative blend of stories from academic and personal experiences from a variety of professionals, all crafted to create an environment of peace, relaxation, inspiration and motivation.

As you read the blogs and view the creative arts in the website, allow yourself once more to regain peace and happiness - harness those thoughts and consider starting a journal to express what you are feeling – what you are thinking – your dreams, wishes, everything you feel in your heart. Let your fingers type these emotions into words or write out your thoughts on paper. Perhaps you have wanted to write a book about your experiences in life but have never been able to...perhaps you wanted to start painting again, but have no time....or perhaps you have always wanted to go back to school but you cannot make ends meet. When one is able to smile, laugh, and view beautiful scenes and artwork, a sense of peace starts to stir, settling the day's stresses and strains. Being able to attain a sense of calm and inner peace may help to clear the mind and set the foundation to re-awaken creativity and enliven the passion within.

Perhaps you may only see my website blog once, or may even subscribe to the blogs as they are published. Either way, the website/blog is an innovative blend of stories and creative arts aimed to inspire, bring laughter and create an environment of peace and relaxation – the beginning of a journey to live your passion. So, continue to go back in time to simpler times and harness those feelings to help you unleash your inner peace – be calm, relax, and let your creativity flow – find a quiet, peaceful place to rest and revive your thoughts, your life, where you can emerge nourished and replenished with strength, perseverance and hope – a way in which can you can start your journey to uncover and begin to live your passion.

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